Stationary Objects

Stationary, custom crafted invitations, personalized letterhead for your business…all are staples of any professional setting, but for how long?  Much of this business has been overtaken by the use of computers which makes one wonder; how much longer can the printing industry last?  For entrepreneurs like James and Alexa Hirschfeld, they intended to land the knockout blow the printing industry has been dreading for years. 

While studying at Harvard, James Hirschfeld began developing an online business.  But it was more than just a business he developed from his apartment, it was an online user experience that hadn’t been seen, and is just being unveiled.  What James and Alexa developed was essentially a virtual eCard…with flare!  Not only will the recipient of their eCards, whether it’s a wedding invitation or thank you card, obtain all the information they would have had a physical card been mail, they’re also becoming a participant of an ecofriendly, sustainable global community.  Environmentally conscious businesses are at the forefront of innovation; researching and developing better and more efficient ways to manufacture products and ultimately compete with the best of the best.

Aside from giving their customers that warm-fuzzy feeling for saving the environment, PaperlessPost is also saving them money.  Avoiding print fees and postage fees while still maintaining a high level of product quality and service is the name of the game…and Hirschfeld & Hirschfeld seem to have this one pinned down.  Take a look at their website, along with these others for eCard options that might be of interest to you!

A final note: for you purists out there, much like myself, the touch and feel of receiving a piece of mail (especially if it’s one of the eight wedding invitations I received this year) is priceless.  It’s classy, it’s classic, and it’s true.  Let’s be honest, you can’t hang your iPad, iPhone or laptop from your refrigerator or corkboard although I’m sure they’ll think of something.  Much like the warm crackle of a worn vinyl record, a beautifully printed invitation, announcement, or thank you card really hits home.  It’s more than a piece of printed paper, or pressed plastic.  It’s a mindset…a lifestyle.  It’s a tradition.  Don’t forget how important it is to show appreciation for where we’ve come from.  It may just show us where we’re going.

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