The Struggle to Juggle Work and Family

Image courtesy of Callum Mckain's photostream

Image courtesy of Callum Mckain’s photostream

The struggle is real. The ability to find balance between work and home can feel almost impossible. Whether you are a family of four or it’s just you and your spouse, making time for the loved ones in your life is tricky. These four tips will hopefully help you find that balance, making your day run more smoothly than ever before.

1.    Stay Organized (even just a little bit)

Don’t fret that your calendar and morning routine isn’t “Pinterest” worthy because for the most part, no one’s life is. But small things like picking the next day’s attire and packing lunches the evening before, can give you extra precious minutes in your morning. Create a chore list and make the evenings more enjoyable with everyone lending a hand with household duties. You and your partner won’t feel as stressed and anxious when returning home from work.

2.    Ask for Help

This is imperative if you have children. You are not Superman, so take the cape off and ask for assistance. Family and friends in the area, even neighbors will be more than willing to let the dog out, watch the kids after school or pick them up at an extracurricular event when and if you cannot. You can say thank you by reciprocating the offer.  Everyone needs helps, we just need to ask.

3.    Talk to Your Employer

Make sure to speak with your supervisor or manager about your life outside of work. Some companies offer flex-time that will work around your schedule and can be extremely helpful in the struggle to juggle. You will be more productive on the job when you are not worrying about the to-do list waiting for you after five o’clock. If flex-time is not offered, at least your employer is aware of your obligations and may be willing to adjust when necessary.

4.    Quality YOU Time

All of your hard work will be in vain if there isn’t time for you. Take a walk on your lunch break or find a nice quiet spot to eat lunch and just focus on you. We are pulled in so many different directions during our workday and at home that it is easy to forget about ourselves. Personal health and happiness is imperative for you to be successful in business and enjoy your time at home. Happiness is infectious, so put a genuine smile on your face in the break room and when you sit down for dinner.

Try one of these tips out in your crazy, hectic life and watch the difference it makes.  Hopefully you will see a positive change in your daily schedule and feel more peaceful at the end of your day. You may even find yourself looking forward to tomorrow.

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