Summer Holidays: The Perfect Time for Super Sales

June Blog - Holiday Sales

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I don’t love to shop. I’m not a fan of crowds, grow impatient standing in line and struggle with deciding what items are worth purchasing and those I can do without. However, I do love a good sale, and when the price is right, my shopping anxiety goes out the window. I’ll jump in the car right away to get a good deal. Some may call it cheap but, I call it being a wise consumer.

With that said, the summer months are some of my favorite for shopping and sprucing up my house and wardrobe. While holidays such as Christmas or Boxing Day do bring about reduced prices, summer holidays can be an even better time to hit the stores. Think about it: how often do you hear on TV or read in the newspaper that a store is having a Memorial Day or Independence Day sale, or if in Canada, a Victoria Day sale? Chances are, since the unofficial summer season started last month, you’ve heard of at least one company that is reducing prices and encouraging consumers to take advantage of their super sales.

As a business owner or marketer, there is no doubt you can use summer holidays to have promotions and boost your sales just like others in the marketplace. First of all, summer holidays such as the ones mentioned above make your marketing easy: you can tie in messaging associated with the holiday, and even incorporate similar colors. For example, in the United States, Independence Day (also known as the 4th of July) is often associated with fireworks, cookouts and most importantly, freedom. Common colors used are red, white and blue – all three included in the U.S. flag. Messaging is usually along the lines of ‘Red Hot Sale for Independence Day!’ and many times, incorporates fireworks and stars. Plus, if it’s a TV ad, it may include a patriotic song in the background.

Not only is the overall campaign easier to put together, the chances of your targeted audience identifying with the message is greater, too. People easily recognize holidays and when it’s associated with something else like a sale, it captures their attention even more. They know that the holiday and sale are positive things, and they will enjoy both. There is no ambiguity, and you don’t have to develop an intricate plan to get the word out about your products and services.

This summer, try doing a holiday sale, whether it’s for a day as well-known as Memorial Day, or a day that is not as recognized, such as Constitution Day (which is at the very end of the summer, on September 17). Offer special pricing or a one-time only deal, and advertise that it’s associated with a particular holiday. If there are more people like me, there is a good chance consumers will be stopping by or visiting you online to ‘splurge’ on a great deal!

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