7 Summer Promotions to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind in the Sunshine


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Summer is my favorite season – and it’s also a great time to market your brand with some trendy promotional items for your customers to use on warm-weather adventures. Every year Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) releases an Impressions Study analyzing the cost of promotional products vs. other advertising media.

In 2014, ASI found that “in the U.S. and Canada, nearly two-thirds of ad specialties that are not wanted are given away. In fact, in most countries, more than half of consumers report that they will give away a product that they are finished with rather than throw it out or file it away.”

In other words, even if your promotion misses the mark with its original recipient, chances are it will make it into the hands of someone who values and appreciates it. What other advertising medium can make that claim?

To compile this list of trending summer items, I consulted with two of our in-house experts –Promotional Products Specialist Rachel Meyer and Creative Services Specialist Janet Cannata. There were just two rules – each item had to be useful, and each item had to be something we would want ourselves. Between the three of us, we came up with a wish list that includes:

1.    Cooling Towels: While hiking, exercising or even just exploring your local amusement park, hot days can sap your energy. These refreshing towels provide long-lasting coolness once wet and can be used multiple times around the neck or joints.

2.    Solar-Powered Electronics: Chargers, pedometers, speakers and more – solar-powered electronics are convenient and energy efficient promotions that your customers never need to worry about plugging in.

3.    Tote Bags: This might be bias showing, but I can never have enough bags. They are the first accessories I notice other people carrying at the beach or the pool. Make no mistake; a well-made bag with a responsible number of pockets is likely to be “toted” around for years to come. So why wouldn’t you want your logo on it?

4.    Blankets: For picnics in the park or a comfortable spot to snooze on the beach, these blankets are available in fleece and waterproof varieties with multiple branding options. Many fold into easy-to-carry pouches, keeping hands free for coolers, volleyballs, or anything else needed for a day of fun in the sun.

5.    Infusion Water Bottles: Dehydration can be dangerous and sneak up on you. Don’t let it – keep a trusty water bottle close at hand. I personally don’t like plain water, but can trick myself into drinking enough by infusing it with fruit. That’s where these magic bottles come in.

6.    Bottle Opener Phone Case: Speaking of hydration, who among us hasn’t found ourselves searching for a bottle opener at a backyard bonfire? Not necessary when one is built right into your phone case!

7.    Odds and Ends: Branded sunglasses, baseball caps, lip balms and sunscreens are all low-cost items I like to keep in my car or my bag just in case. Because if there’s one thing to be said about summer, it’s you just never know when outdoor adventure will call!

If any of these items appeal to you – or you have your own ideas about a powerful summer promotion – contact Proforma to get the beach ball rolling.

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