Summer Vibes with Merch that Shines

Turn up the heat on your brand presence this summer☀️ The sun-soaked season provides a golden opportunity for your brand to shine!  

Where the Fun Happens  

Get your brand where the action is – whether it’s camping, beach outings, or BBQs. Put your logo or, better yet, brand message, on tastefully decorated lifestyle merchandise that aligns with the summer activities your audience loves. From water bottles, sunscreen, and can coolies to sunglasses, beach towels, and more, think of items that enhance your summer experience and messaging printed on them that would encourage you to keep it yourself. If it’s something you’d appreciate having around, your customers probably will too! 

Smart Branding is Key 

Functional products with a specific use-case like the ones outlined above are great, but they’re only half of the equation. Remember: even if it’s the best product on the market, no one wants to harshen their ~aesthetic summer vibes~ by carrying your business card on their water bottle. Save yourself from a cruel summer, ditch the logo, and emblazon your products with fun and creative messaging that resonates with the spirit of summer instead. Really want to put a logo on it? Consider a secondary, smaller imprint area to display your brand mark tastefully. Bonus points for incorporating lively, summer-inspired hues into your promotional materials! 

Make a Splash   

Turn your products into the ultimate summer companions by encouraging customers to take them on vacation – not just through sheer visual (did someone say insta-worthy?) appeal, but by making your brand part of an experience.  

Run contests where they can post and tag your brand in their summer scenes for a chance to win exciting prizes. Or consider hosting some fun summer-themed activities yourself! Break free from the office, get out there, and get playful with a pickleball party or customer appreciation BBQ. With the whimsy and nostalgia that the summer season elicits, we encourage you to think about branding in ways that foster engagement, endear people to your brand, and help make lasting memories. 

In Conclusion…   

Don’t let summer – and the opportunities that come with it – slip away! As the temperature rises, so does the potential for your brand to shine. Contact us today and together, we’ll make your brand shine in the season of sun! ☀️

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