Starbucks Red Cups: Marketing Genius or Sheer, Dumb Luck?

“I’d rather be lucky than good.” Fortunately for Lefty Gomez, an All-Star pitcher with the Yankees in the 1930s who used this quote throughout his 14-year career, he enjoyed seemingly generous portions of both luck and skill on the baseball diamond while compiling a lifetime 189-102 record and 3.34 ERA. Golfer Gary Player, however, flipped… Read More

Break Open the Box to Becoming a Creative Resource

Too often, businesses are placed in a box.  You become a vendor, someone your customer emails a new order to.  In simple terms, you become an order processor.  In today’s competitive market, it takes more than being an order taker to be successful.  You should be striving to be a valued resource.  But what does… Read More