Building Strong Client Relationships

Among many employees, clients or business owners we all interact with on a daily basis, I feel we often forget the importance our current clients hold once we’ve obtained their business relationship. Our efforts and attention to detail are still as important several years into the relationship as they were on the first day they… Read More

Turn Negative Reviews Into Positive Experiences With These 5 Tips

Turning a frown upside down has never been as simple as it sounds. Not in person, not online (and not even in art class). In a previous post, we discussed how user-generated content influences consumer behavior. Online reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, Glassdoor and Angie’s List – even your company’s Facebook page – can… Read More

Effectively Responsive

One of the more trendy buzzwords in business in the past year has been “responsive.” As it relates to technology, the discussion centers around responsive web design (RWD). RWD is an approach to building websites that provides an optimal viewing experience across multiple devices – from desktop computers to a trusty iPhone. Google made RWD… Read More

The Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

Relationship marketing represents the recent shift of focus within marketing that went from a concentration on acquisitions and sales to relationship and retention.  It is a business philosophy that focuses on retaining and maintaining relationships with current customers rather than a focus solely on business development and sales.  The underlying assumption with relationship marketing is… Read More

A Casual Relationship between Employee Happiness and Profitability

The importance and pivotal role of employees in creating customer satisfaction through service quality cannot be overstated. Employee happiness is especially useful in creating satisfied customers. In turn, long-term customer relationships that go beyond the mental and physical capability of the employee are established. As an example, successful companies in the service industry all recognize… Read More