Part 2: The Evolving World of Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy refers to the promotional activities that generate traffic to a website or landing page. Inbound is likened to marketing with a magnet. Inbound marketers create interesting, relevant content that draws customers towards the brand. This is the opposite of outbound marketing, where the brand has to ‘push’ out to the customers; think… Read More

Direct-Mail Marketing Checklist

It’s no secret that most marketers are relying heavily on digital marketing efforts, namely social media, to land new business. It can be somewhat simple to identify individuals that could be potential customers due to the semi-transparent nature of social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, and most importantly, it’s safe from a monetary standpoint… Read More

4 Key Channels for Targeted Direct Marketing

The limitless possibilities of targeting your database may be overwhelming, but if you execute direct marketing using one source it is much more manageable and easy to report on. Whether you use a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or a different resource to manage your database, the first step to successful targeting of your customers and… Read More