Creating the Perfect Kit

Over the past few months, the practice of “kitting” has become increasingly popular across a number of industries. As people continue to work from home, and events like graduations and tradeshows are pushed to a virtual format, companies and organizations are sending people custom packages or “kits” that include a variety of products as an… Read More

It’s Time for Sustainability

Sustainability has never been more important for companies than right now. Customers are hyper-aware of the products they buy and are always looking to partner with brands that contribute something positive to our world. According to a study done by BusinessWire, “83% of consumers believe it’s important or extremely important for companies to design products… Read More

Success Advice From David Nicholson, President of Polyconcept North America

I want to start by thanking all of the leaders that have contributed their advice so far in my newest approach to Million Dollar Mindset. It has been a pleasure featuring your insights on how to be financially successful within our industry. The most recent respected leader I asked to share his thoughts is President… Read More

Success Advice from Jeremy Lott, President of SanMar®

My newest approach to the Million Dollar Mindset; asking respected industry leaders to share their thoughts on success has been insightful for me, and I hope it has been for you. The most recent respected leader I asked to share their thoughts is the president of SanMar®, Jeremy Lott. Question for Jeremy: Throughout your years of… Read More

Success Advice from Paul Bellantone, President, and CEO of PPAI®

Continuing to ask respected industry leaders to share their thoughts on success, I reached out to Paul Bellantone, President and Chief Executive Officer of PPAI®, to share his advice. Thank you, Paul Bellantone, for sharing your advice about financial success with me. In your years of experience in our industry, what do you think the… Read More