Determine Your Brand’s Target Audience

Too many times, I’ve been part of creative brainstorming sessions or meetings and the topics of direction and target audience never want to be bridged. To some, making something “look cool” is the ultimate goal because “more people will want to look at it or keep it.” Let’s be honest with ourselves. “Cool” is a… Read More

Pin Your Hopes on Success with Pinterest Marketing Strategies

In the vast array of social media platforms, Pinterest is an often overlooked but extremely powerful marketing tool. Ranked as the 5th most popular social networking site, it’s surprising that many businesses are reluctant to incorporate Pinterest into their marketing strategies despite having no hesitations in using lower-ranked platforms such as Instagram (ranked #8). No… Read More

The Evolution of Facebook Notes and How You Can Use Them to Reach More Customers

The year is 2006. Life was different then – the world of social media was still coming out of its infancy stages, with companies simply trying to figure out what social media was and not understanding the power behind these giant social networks. Eight months into the year, Facebook announced the launch of “Facebook Notes”… Read More