Attention is the New Currency: Think Differently

According to the American Marketing Association article, Why your Customer’s Attention is the Scarcest Resource in 2017, the average consumer is exposed to 10,000 brand messages a day, and that number is ever growing. The same article states that the average consumer switches screens up to 21 times an hour and has an attention span… Read More

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

While it might seem intimidating, there are plenty of compelling reasons to take a stab at using humor to engage your audience. You remember people, commercials, brands that make you smile. Laughter creates connections. Laughter also releases endorphins, the feel-good chemical that reduces pain and relieves stress. Making someone laugh literally makes them feel good.… Read More


We Were Not Undressing! Putting Some Fun Into Selling

Back when I was growing my original Proforma distributorship, I was teaching one of our newer sales reps how to conduct field calls. In my view, field calling is a lost skill. Sadly, in this day of email and voicemail, salespeople think they don’t need to get out and do field calls. I strongly disagree… Read More


Would You Have Been Staying at the Cheap Motel Down the Street?

How do you respond to “no” in your business pursuits? Let me share a short story about a “no” that that I recently experienced. I found out late one afternoon that I needed to get to suburban Charlotte for a week. I immediately got online to book my favorite hotel, but the website said there… Read More

The World of Social Media Marketing Part 3: Where Should You Invest Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

Part Three – The “Content Powerhouses” of Social Media; Bringing it all Together In my last two blogs, I’ve set the table for the idea that your business can benefit from having a presence on each of today’s popular social networking sites, and went through “The Big Three”. In this third and final part of… Read More