Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Promotions for Our Favorite Pastime

Image courtesy of mathewingram's photostream

Image courtesy of mathewingram’s photostream

Whether you played little league as a kid, or now go with your family to the ballpark to watch major (or maybe minor) leaguers, you are most likely at least somewhat familiar with the game of baseball. Fields and stadiums across North America and even the globe are packed during the spring, summer and fall months with fans who enjoy cheering on their favorite teams.

While little league games provide the opportunity for you to root for your favorite little slugger, many minor and major league games offer even more than just the game on the field. They provide – and fans expect – promotional events and giveaways. People coming to the games want something to take home with them to remember the game, and hold on to it even longer if it is useful, or a ‘keepsake’ item they can display in their homes. Often, these promotions are sponsored by local businesses. If you are approached, or ask about becoming involved in a promotional giveaway, here are some items to consider providing:

1. Favorite Player Apparel. Every team has one or two players who are the favorites among fans. Have jerseys that replicate what players wear on the field made, then make sure to have your logo included on one of the sleeves or somewhere visible on the shirt.

2. It’s Rally Time. Rally towels – and even rally hats – are popular with fans of all ages! Just like the replicated jerseys, these are items that will have your logo on them, and will be brought down to the ballpark time and time again. When that sun gets too warm, attendees will have your company to thank for giving them the much-needed hats or towels.

3. Memorable Magnets. Early in the season, you can sponsor magnets (or posters) that not only keep your brand in sight all season long, but also remind fans of the team’s schedule for the rest of the season!

4. Discounts on Food and Fun. Dollar Dog Nights, Family Days and more are extremely popular in both major league and minor league parks. Make a donation that allows fans to either enjoy discounted food (such as hot dogs, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.) or discounted tickets. Ask the ballpark if you can hang a banner or some type of signage inside announcing your sponsorship and gratitude for the community’s support of your business. They may already include this as part of the sponsorship package, but it never hurts to ask!

5. Bring Your Business to the Park. While shirts, hats, magnets, etc. are useful and can be memorable, bringing your business’s actual product or service to the ballpark is an even better marketing tool. For example, one major league team has a craft scheduled to take place in the stadium on a game day, and it will be sponsored by a local craft store. If you can tie what you provide on a daily basis to a promotion, the impression you leave will be even longer lasting.

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