Tech Matters: Your Next Tablet/Ultrabook Should Have an Intel Core M Processor

Image courtesy of Maurizio Pesce's photostream

Image courtesy of Maurizio Pesce’s photostream

With exciting new ways to conduct business away from the office coming to in 2015 and beyond, now is the time to consider your next computer. More than likely you will want something thin, light, and easy to carry. For many users two concerns come to mind: battery life and speed. Many times in the past wanting one feature meant sacrificing the other on your device but not anymore. With the Intel Core M processors you can expect the best of both battery and speed.

The Core M gives users the best of Intel’s Core family of processors (Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading) and combines it with the best from Intel’s mobile processors (thin and low battery consumption). The processor will run at a speed conducive to being battery efficient. Think of it as driving your car at a speed that gives you the best mileage. When you need the extra power for specific programs or tasks like presentations, videos, audio, and order processing the processor can give you extra speed by literally speeding itself up (Turbo Boost).

Also, the processor has multiple cores to process multiple threads (computer tasks) for better performance (Hyper-Threading). So instead of carrying around that huge laptop that’s a chore on your shoulder, you can carry a more efficient tablet or 2-in-1 laptop without fear that it won’t power you sales pitch.

Two of my favorites right now are the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and the HP Envy 2-in1 Touch Screen Laptop. Both offer the Core M Processor, 13.3” screen, 256 GB Solid State Drive, and the ability to become a tablet.

Either of these systems will be more than enough to turn you into a true mobile sales professional!

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