Thank You Mr. Evans!

Image courtesy of League of Women Voters of California's photostream

I once championed a multi-state letter writing campaign to Bob Evans to bring back their multi-grain pancakes.  Those things were amazing.  I did not even need syrup or butter to eat them.  When they took them off the menu I had to make the choice of whether I was going to cry or try to do something about it.  I reached out to my brother in New York, my college friends in Michigan, and my local friends and family to petition Bob Evans to bring back the pancakes.  We all wrote letters or emails and sure enough, not only did the pancakes return to the menu but we got coupons to boot.

Here is some advice on writing a persuasive letter:
• Do your research and direct the letter to a decision maker.  A letter addressed to the actual name of the CEO is more likely to receive a response than one addressed to “Customer Service”
• Be respectful.  Foul language, threats, or name calling is immature and will rarely ever actually help
• Give praise where praise is due
• State your concern clearly and tell the truth.  Avoid stating you will “NEVER” return if that is not the case
• Ask for what you want.  Is the purpose of your letter informational?  Are you asking for a refund?  Do you expect to be contacted?
• Thank the reader and be sure to include your contact information
• Consider sending the letter via “snail” mail versus an email.  Taking the time to print and mail a letter often has more impact

I hope these tips help you the next time your favorite item disappears from a menu!

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