The 5 Reasons You Need A Public Relations Professional On Your Team

Whether your business is just starting out or you’re looking to expand through the on-boarding of new employees, there are few positions as essential to growing your business and maximizing your reach as public relations professionals.

Although public relations pros are sometimes dubbed at ‘spin doctors,’ that term, and way of thinking could not be any more old school. Public relations is a strategic communication process that works to build relationships that will be beneficial for your business, your customers, the surrounding community and other important groups of people.

So why exactly should you invest in hiring a public relations professional? Here are 5 reasons why a PR pro will make a great addition to your team:

  1. They understand how to effectively write, speak and present information
    In order to do their job well, PR pros have to be excellent writers and speakers. By learning to perfect their methods, they’ve gained an acute understanding of how to identify what’s important information, what isn’t, and how to present it well.
  2. They know how to build an image
    A big aspect of PR is learning to build an image around a company and maintain it. This means creating a ‘voice’ for your company and representing it in all you do. This is a huge step to gaining the brand recognition every company desires.
  3. They can help when a crisis hits
    No one likes to think about a potential crisis, but a public relations pro has likely had training on how to deal with one when it hits. Looking to them for guidance in an intense situation is likely a safe bet.
  4. They have an understanding of PR, Marketing and Advertising
    Although Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising are all different, a PR professional often times has some experience working with all three departments. Social media, marketing campaigns, and media relations should be a no brainer for most PR pros.
  5. They can help at the internal and external level
    Not only do PR professional work on building relationships with those outside your company, they can work on relationships internally too. Creating company newsletters and emails are a great tool to keep employees informed and create a positive working environment.

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