The Do’s of Gift Giving

With the holidays fast approaching, many companies are looking to begin their preliminary selections for end of year thank-you gifts and incentives.  Whether you are thanking a customer for their business or showing your appreciation to a vendor partner, gift giving follows its own set of rules.  While it’s a great idea to thank those that have contributed to the success of your business, make sure that an ample amount of thought goes into the items you chose.  Often times, a thoughtless gift is worse than not gifting at all.  We all strive to be remembered.  Make sure you’re remembered for the right reasons.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when finalizing your selection:

DO personalize gifts as much as possible.  Putting thought into the gifts selected will go a long way.  Do your research and give gifts that make sense to the recipient.  Choose a gift that ties directly into their industry, involves one of their interests or a gift that speaks on a more personal level.  This is a great opportunity to prove you are a trusted partner because your attention to detail.

DO use the right packaging and presentation to support your gift.   The packaging is your gift’s first impression.  Using a hand written note will appear more personal, and the proper decorative wrapping will send the message that you put thought and care into their gift.

DO gift with a purpose.  Define the reason behind the gift and the outcome you expect.  Outlining your expectations will help determine the gift that you should use.  If your goal is to not only thank your customers but also stay top of mind, opt for a gift that will have a longer desk life.

DO give gifts that are proportionate to the value of the recipient.  Segment your recipients into groups, set a gifting budget, and select gifts within your budget that are appropriate for each.  You may find that you have groups you are willing to gift higher value items to which can be based on the volume of business they have awarded you.

DO gift without error.  Put as much effort into the delivery of your gift as you have the selection.  Nothing can be worse than the wrong name appearing on your gift.  Keep a spreadsheet of the recipients and their location, the level of revenue they represent, and the gift selection for each.  Staying organized will prevent any embarrassing errors.

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