The eCommerce Advantage: A Quick Breakdown

We’ll put it bluntly – if you aren’t using eCommerce in your current business model, you’re missing out on massive business. At Proforma, we’ve witnessed firsthand the growth potential of eCommerce, with over 10,000 stores currently built across our network. 

But who exactly uses online stores, and for what purpose? And how can you capitalize on the impact eCommerce can have on your business? 

Let’s break it down. 

  • Who Uses Online Stores? The short answer: practically any industry you can think of. Retail, manufacturing, service-oriented industries…eCommerce offers a level playing field for businesses of all types and sizes to reach a global audience. 
  • For What Purpose? There are many reasons that companies use online stores – the reasons can be as varied as the businesses that utilize them. Online stores can serve as powerful marketing tools, driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and loyalty. Uses for company stores in promotional products include uniform program point of purchase, online and in-person event portals, corporate gifting initiatives, and more.  

With so many businesses using online stores and for various purposes, at this point, you shouldn’t be asking whether you can or should capitalize on eCommerce. The answer to both is obvious – YES. With that, we approach our final question: 

  • HOW Can You Capitalize on eCommerce? The answer to how is twofold, but it’s also simple – you can capitalize on eCommerce by 1) understanding your audience and their wants and needs, and 2) taking that understanding and putting it into action by offering an eCommerce solution that delivers on those needs and offers exceptional customer experiences. 

Proforma has built a name for itself as the technology and business success leader in the print and promotional products industry because we have fully invested in and embraced the eCommerce advantage. We’ve crafted a robust eCommerce solution designed to exceed both our Distributor Owners’ needs and their customers’ expectations. The result? That massive business growth we highlighted earlier.  

If you are interested in an eCommerce solution for your business, please fill out the contact form here to be connected with someone who can discuss your options.  

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