The Holidays Just Aren’t Stressful Enough

Yeah right! With end of the year reports and working around holiday schedules your plate is full… and then you get stuck with the chore of picking out the holiday gifts for your customers, employees, suppliers and more. The traditional food gift is always a good choice (see my post from last week), but what are some of the alternatives?

Desk accessories and houseware items are a good choice because they have longevity. Choosing a gift that can be used all year long is more than a holiday gift – it’s an investment. When you give your customer a gift they really like and can use, you will make an impression that will last all year long.

Here are seven gift ideas that can be used all year:

Coffee Mugs (or Water Bottles) Employees can never have enough coffee mugs or water bottles. According to a recent study, promotional mugs and glassware items are used almost as much at home as at work, nearly 32% of glassware/ceramics items received were used at least once per week and another 25% were used once per day.
Travel Accessories – Are your employees or clients always on the go? Leather passport cases or sturdy luggage tags are a good option for frequent travelers. For higher-end travel gifts, consider stylish laptop cases or carry-on bags.

Calendars Stay in front of your customers all year! This is the perfect time of year to send them out. Think about replacing your annual holiday card with a branded calendar. Start your calendar with November or December of the current year, and you’re likely to be the first (and maybe only) calendar your recipient puts up this year. 76% of all calendars that are received are displayed.

Picnic Gifts – Summer may be a long time off, but it’s never too early to start adding some fun new things to your warm weather gear. Cheerful summer gifts will have your employees and customers thinking sunshine. Try coolers, blankets, picnic baskets, camping chairs or outdoor radios.

Padfolio – Keeping notes organized and protected can be quite a chore – make it easier this year! Leather padfolios come in a variety of sizes with extra such as complementary pens, extra pockets and built in planners. Smaller jotters or holiday stationery are lower cost alternatives.

Picture Frames show you care and are a great way for employees to add a touch of home to their desk. They will appreciate such a thoughtful gift. Try fun magnet frames, wooden desktop frames or cubical frames that can be mounted on fabric walls.

Executive Putter Set will let your let your clients or employees practice their golfing skills indoors throughout the cold winter months.

Now that you’ve chosen which gift you’re going to give… next week I’ll share some tips on making your gift stand out. Only 34 shopping days left. Time to get moving!

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