The Millennial Myth

I was born into a generation of technology. I am a girl with an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest. I am a college student trying to pave my path in the world. I am many things, but a stereotypical millennial, I am not.

I don’t sit around all day taking selfies and posting them to Snapchat. I don’t believe the world was made for me. I don’t say “‘like” multiple times in a sentence. I do, however, have a solid work ethic, strong values and act with ethical intentions.

There are many millennials just like me. We are often assumed as a collective group to fit the stereotype of our generation; the stereotype that gives us a bad name. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that many of us do not fit the mold. Our ideals and goals may not align with what you’ve been told we desire for ourselves. When looking to hire a millennial, remember we aren’t all impressed by the glitz and the glam. Some want the stability, the path for growth within a company and the potential to develop a professional future, much like the generations before us wanted.

While most of us are avid technology users and can set up an iPhone through iCloud in a matter of minutes, we’re not detached from the importance of face-to-face interaction. We know the value of relationships and care about the role we play within a company. We’re accepting of hard work and want to help develop a lasting legacy. We want to settle into a job at a good company and help it succeed and grow. We enjoy working with people who are unlike us and are open to their ideas and ways of thinking.

Though millennials certainly have their differences in comparison to previous generations, we aren’t all the same. So, my advice to you is to give a millennial a chance.  Hire one. See what they can offer. They may be a selfie-taking, coffee-addicted, image-conscious individual, OR they may be someone who is more like you than you could have ever imagined. We have a special set of skills, so take advantage of that and see how we can help you. A millennial might be just who you need to set yourself apart, reach a new client audience, develop new ideas or execute your vision for the future.

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