The Power of Print Marketing Integration

Integrated marketing has come a long way thanks to technology solutions such as marketing automation. Marketing automation platforms allow marketers to quickly, easily and seamlessly send continuous marketing touches, both digital and physical, in a more intelligent manner. In theory, marketing automation makes life that much easier for those of us who are trying to grab the consumers attention.

In the age of technology it seems like the easiest and most efficient way to reach consumers is by way of digital media whether that is a social media or email marketing program. And while both of these channels are essential to any integrated marketing program, it’s also important not to forget the marketing components and why they are paramount to your overall strategy.

In case you aren’t currently integrating physical marketing, specifically print marketing, to your business strategy, here are six reasons to do so today!

1.    If you print it, they will come. Think about the most cutting edge brands out there. Now think of their flashy new websites. The imagery is gorgeous and the use of type throughout is utterly genius. A great way for a brand to build website traffic would be through the use of print. Print could emphasis the beauty of their website with the use of vibrant colors, and be the catalyst that brings the masses to view the new page.

2.    Print has nostalgia. To a degree, print is unexpected. Many small to midsized firms are relying so heavily on digital media as their main marketing focus that they leave out this all important marketing channel. Print marketing brings us back to a simpler time.

3.    Consider the senses. With the use of print, not only is your target audience stimulated visually, there’s also the physical aspect. We all know the feeling of a piece of loose-leaf paper. Now think of a paper stock that is textured or heavier. With the use of quality paper stock, the consumer’s impression of your brand will be enhanced and strengthened.

4.    Print has staying power. From vibrant colors to simplistic design, print has the ability to stick around. We’ve all received a postcard or print marketing piece that caught our eye and we’ve added to our corkboards at home or work. When this happens, the brand now has that valuable wall space to create top of mind awareness on a daily basis. And where do consumers shop – places that are top of mind.

5.    Print has gone digital, too! Technology solutions aren’t limited to marketing automation. Technology in print marketing has advanced over the years as well to include digital print. Digital print makes quicker turnaround times a reality, using variable data printing and print on demand, to name a few. Not something to take for granted when this wasn’t always the case for marketers just a few short years ago.

6.    Print is evolving. Yes, print techniques can be new and exciting! There’s the tried and true postcard, business card and letterhead but there’s also pop-up cards, dimensional mailers and innovative packaging solutions that can make a big impression on the end user.

BONUS! Print Terms Cheat Sheet for the novice among us.

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