The Top 5 Uses for Coleman® Coolers For End of Summer

Proforma_Blog_Coleman_CoolerAs summer comes to a close, try to not let the shorter and cooler days prematurely make you a couch potato. There’s still time to get out, enjoy the weather with the company of friends and family. And what better addition to that equation than finding new and unique ways to spend time together?

Here are 5 uses for one of our favorite promotional products for the summer of 2016, the Coleman® Cooler!

  1. If it isn’t obvious by now, football season is right around the corner! Bring one of the best tailgating partners with you to celebrate before and after the game!!
  2. Road trips are a pastime that almost anyone can get behind. As the old saying goes, “The journey is the reward.” And what better reward than having fresh snacks and drinks on your next road trip with the family!
  3. Company picnics are a great time to get better acquainted with your coworkers. After all, they’re the family you’ve always wanted, right?! Let your colleagues know you’re on your game by being prepared with all the cool snacks they can handle!
  4. Gift giving is a great way to win the favor of your clients, coworkers and friends. And with a trusted and recognized brand like Coleman® you’ll be a hit with all of the above!
  5. Showing off never hurt anyone, right?! Show your brand alongside the Coleman® brand by showcasing your logo, front and center at your next trip to the beach.

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