The Value of Long-Term Supplier Partnerships

Anyone responsible for coordinating projects and campaigns appreciates the value of a team they can trust. Keeping every aspect moving on time and in the right direction can be a challenge, even when all collaborators are in-house. So when a project manager needs to outsource some or all of the work, relying on the wrong partner(s) can be a recipe for disaster.

Proforma’s new and established clients are often tasked with developing strategic marketing initiatives for their organizations. Over the course of our working relationships, several common themes have emerged:

Coordinating key players is a full-time job.

From overall concept to copywriting and design, plus production and distribution of supporting collateral and merchandise, many of our clients simply don’t have the bandwidth to manage multiple special projects while also doing their regular job.

Botched branding hurts credibility.

The more players in the mix, the more likely brand compliance and consistency will suffer. This is especially true if pieces of the project are being outsourced to new suppliers or contractors that don’t have a working history with your brand.

Lack of creativity can crush a campaign.

There is a lot of noise out there – and a lot of competitors vying for your audience’s attention. How will you stand out?

Spotty service leads to lost sleep.

“Did that order ship in time to make it to the tradeshow?”; “Will that banner be pixelated if I sent the wrong art file?”; “We need the graphics tomorrow at the latest to meet our print deadline, but my designer’s not calling me back.”

These are very real worries we’ve heard from clients.

So, our Proforma teams across North America have focused on alleviating the pain and developing long-term partnerships with their clients that:

Save time

Once a Proforma account manager takes on a project, they get to work aligning all of the resources needed for a successful delivery. Our teams offer creative consulting, graphic design, print and promotional product sourcing, and fulfillment and distribution services. For ongoing project or recurring programs, our ProStores eCommerce platform offers a secure 24/7 platform to order, manage, track and report.

Protect brands

A huge benefit of long-term partnerships is that our account management teams get to know our clients. This includes extensive knowledge of their brand guidelines and how logos and taglines can and can’t be used. Many of our account teams serve as de facto employees of our clients’ marketing departments, even pushing back when they receive a request that violates the company’s brand standards.

Deliver innovative ideas

Proforma’s account teams leverage signed agreements with more than 600 of the print and promotional industry’s premier manufacturers. In addition to quality and global reach, these partnerships provide proactive consulting on the latest trends and newest products available on the market. In fact, every summer Proforma account managers attend our annual Convention where highlights include supplier-led educational sessions, a new product showcase and a fashion show.

Prioritize proactive service

Of course, live projects always warrant proactive updates and service. On a more regular basis, it’s important to understand our clients’ preferences when it comes to communication. For ongoing programs or campaigns, it often works best to establish a regular review schedule to gauge success, satisfaction and how we can expand or improve the partnership. Many clients also enjoy regular reach-outs regarding new products and services. It’s all about what’s right for you.

What do our clients think? Here are a few recent testimonials:

“(Proforma) is GREAT! Very attentive to our needs and a great partner with ideas that are creative and outside of the box. Hands down … fantastic partner!!!!”

  • General Manager for a client with multiple locations across the U.S.

“In every store I have ever been in, I have always had a great partnership with Proforma. The level of service, quality of product and pricing can’t even compare to the other vendors we have used in the past.”

  • General Manager for a client with multiple locations across the U.S.

“Proforma is wonderful to work with. They consistently deliver high-quality print, promotional products and apparel. Even with the tightest of timelines, their reply is always ‘We can make it happen,’ and they always do!”

  • Client in the marketing department of a large automotive dealership group

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AboutMichelle McCafferty

Michelle joined the Proforma team in 2008. As the Manager of Business Development for Major Accounts, she helps Proforma Owners win new and grow existing programs through proposal and presentation development, as well as periodic Relationship Reviews. Before joining Proforma, Michelle attended Cleveland State University where she earned a degree in Journalism and Promotional Communication.

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