The World of Social Media Marketing Part 1: Where Should You Invest Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

Part 1 – Which Social Network is Right For My Business?

If my past blog entries don’t spell it out, I’m a big fan of social selling and love everything about the field. In fact, one of my favorite topics to tackle is “Where should I focus my social media marketing efforts” – I love this because the answer is as to-the-point as it is perplexing – “Everywhere”.

To be fair, you’re wasting your time (most likely) if you’re focusing on MySpace (in fact, I’d be willing to bet at least one person who reads this article doesn’t even know what that is) and other dying/nearly obsolete social networking sites.

Of course, the heavy hitters in the marketing world today are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and, to a lesser degree, Tumblr. I’d like to suggest that if your reach expands to at least three or four of the pages listed above (sans MySpace, of course), you’re on the right track.

The simple answer to the question at hand is that, well, it really all depends on who you’re looking to target. Considering each network is free to join, the argument can be made that you might consider having a presence everywhere, if for no other reason than to help bolster your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts by having a presence on numerous social networking sites, each featuring backlinks and content pointing to your organization.

The trick is to also understand WHY people are using each network – a simple question that seems oft-overlooked in today’s increasingly online-centric marketplace. Stay tuned for part 2, where I give you a snap shot of “The Big Three” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!


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