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In spite of the inexpensive social and digital marketing options we have today, direct mail is still a very important and successful part of any marketing campaign…if done correctly.  According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail campaigns typically receive a 3% to 4% success rate.  On the other hand, using dimensional products and mailers shows an overall success rate of over 10%.

The benefits of dimensional direct mail marketing campaigns are innumerous.  They are customizable and personal while remaining tangible.  They can entice recipients to respond more frequently than they do with postcards.

Pair your direct mail pieces with a promotional product and see your success rate skyrocket.  The reasoning behind this is simple: it appears to be less junk mail and more freebies and gifts!

When creating a dimensional direct mail campaign, there are many things to consider:
• Cost of postage
• Cost of printing materials and promotional products
• Size of packaging
• Padded or unpadded envelopes
• Weight of products
• Do the messaging and products relate?
• Do both the packaging and materials speak to your target audience?
• Is there a use for the item you are mailing or will it be thrown away?
• Is the piece memorable?
• Plan your follow-up now!

You must be committed to the entire process from start to finish.  Commit yourself to creating the best possible messaging that speaks to your target audience.  Commit to send the “whole package.” Most importantly, commit to follow up after mailing your campaign.  This can be done on your own or through a call center team.  You can make follow up phone calls or simple e-mails.  It’s up to you but you must follow up.  Sending out an amazing package isn’t always enough and relying only on the package itself to provide you ROI is a costly mistake.  You’ve all heard it before:  it typically takes six to eight “touches” to get a response from a prospect.  KEEP AT IT.

Consult your marketing specialist for suggestions and tips.  It’s their job to help you marketing your business.

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