Three Ways your Business can Go Green

Eco-friendly or green products have become increasingly popular throughout the last decade. As a society, we want to leave our world a better place, and as our population grows and resources thin, the switch to these types of consumables is a no-brainer. Making the adjustment to utilize sustainable products will actually save your business money in the long run. Watching your paper waste, replacing company items –breakroom throwaways and marketing items– with sustainable products and selecting eco-friendly wearables for your employees can ensure that your business is doing their part in the fight to save our planet.

Not only can your consciences take a sigh of relief and feel good about your part in keeping our planet around for generations to come, but your customers will recognize and appreciate the effort as well. Inc. 5000, an organization that recognizes and ranks the country’s top 5000 fastest growing private companies, found that more than half of consumers prefer to buy from companies that are environmentally friendly. This means fully committing though, not just sticking a few recycling bins in the employee breakroom. Want to start now?  Here are three ways how your business can go green.

  1. Update the Office. LED lights last up to 40 times longer and use about one tenth of the energy than traditional bulbs. Granted, these alternative lighting options may be a bit pricier up front, but the choice to go green in the workplace will save your company big bucks in the long run. Think about all the paper products your business is using that could be replaced as well. Plastic utensils, paper coffee cups, etc. can all be interchanged with washable mugs, silverware, plates and other drinkware.
  1. Recycle your Paper. Today in the United Sates, only 50% of office paper is recovered for recycling. Office paper is actually a critical component to producing recycled paper, which must contain both pre-consumer and post-consumer materials. This makes office and professional companies an essential part of creating and continuing the effort to produce recycled paper. Make sure to have a separate bin or area that employees can place unwanted printer and office paper so it stays clean and flat.
  1. Eco-Friendly Promotional and Marketing Items. No matter the size, we are all marketing our company, advertising our brand to the masses, trying to gain new business. We hand out promotional items and giveaways to stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects and should continue to do so. Selecting eco-friendly products to market your company shows you are an innovative and conscience business and future clients will take notice. From recycled bamboo polo shirts and sustainable wool apparel for your employees to recycled paper office essentials, you can give back to the planet while gaining new business.


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