Tips and Tricks for Online Shopping Safety

We’ve all done it.  Online shopping is more popular now than ever.  Having been an active participant of Cyber Monday, I can attest that online shopping has become truly accepted by our culture.  It’s no surprise that we’re spending more thanks to savvy marketing and the need for convenient shopping.  Let’s be honest, getting out of the house to shop takes time, and it’s hardly stress free.  I’ve gone out for Black Friday.  The experience…well…it’s terrible.  Long line, clusters of people, and no parking available within two miles of any shopping mall.  Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would do that to themselves. And thinking back at the amount of time I spent in line, waiting, I could have saved myself the headache while saving myself money.

Online shopping is a great alternative to traditional retail for many reason, as I’ve mentioned above.  And while it does have it’s advantages, I am aware of a few tips and tricks that I found on the below infographic.  Online shopping safety is a very hot-button topic for consumers, creating a need for education and awareness.  Take a few minutes to review this infographic.  You’ll thank me later!

Image courtesy of TrendLabs

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