Top 4 Trending Promotional Products Right Now

With so many promo and wearable options out there, we’ve compiled a list of some of the trending promotional products in the promotional world. From new urban apparel lines to copper-lined bottles, these up-and-coming items are definitely worth a look.

active_leasure1.    Active Leisure Lines: These lifestyle lines are flexible enough to stay with us throughout the day. They are especially popular with women because of their versatility. From the office to the gym, then dinner with our friends, apparel lines are pushing out styles that can adapt with our busy schedules and still look sleek. Say goodbye to the polo and hello to those trending urban clothing lines!

2.    Tech Items: Technology gadgets are exploding. We all have a cell phone, tablet and laptop, so we are seeing a push in support pieces for those product lines. Items that support and upgrade technology we use on a daily basis, like tablet holders, cell phone cases and mobile chargers, are highly functional and valuable pieces to offer clients and customers without a high cost.

3.    Drinkware: The appeal of unique drinkware has been growing and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Infused water bottles have taken a life of their own and are not only used for flavoring water at the office but people are taking those eco-friendly pieces with them on the boat or camping for after-hour cocktails. Copper-lined bottles and mugs are newer and trending as well.

lantern4.    Usable Gifts: Across North America we have seen some extreme weather this year; power outages, severe heat, ice storms, etc. Functional but still fashionable safety items are on the rise like colored flashlights and lanterns. Gifts like lead crystal paperweights are great, but we are seeing folks wanting function over fancy now. New trends in these safety items like longer battery life, LED lights and bright, fun colors are making tried and true items exciting again.

No need to worry though, the good old water bottle, ceramic mug and the polo aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But this season, try one of these newer trending items for your next event.

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