Turn Possibilities into Realities by Re-Committing to 2X18

Now that we are past the first quarter or the year, when those distant memories now known as New Year’s Resolutions have been put to rest by reality, those that truly want to blossom should take the time to take a hard, honest look in the mirror and realize that there will never be a better time for rebirth, refocus, and reinvention, than NOW.  At Proforma, we’re calling this year ‘2X18’ because 2Xing isn’t out of reach for anyone who is committed to improvement, has some guidance and the wherewithal to stick to it. 2X18 is about committing (or re-committing) to making things different. It’s about turning possibilities into realities.

Imagine how your life would improve if you 2X’d your sales… 2X your fitness… 2X your relationships… 2X your hobbies and enjoyment. 2X is not only about attaining more, but also improving quality – in all aspects of your life and business. If you simply examined what it is that’s holding you back, I bet you’d be shocked by how a few minor adjustments in your approach, effort or activity would lead to significantly different results. It’s entirely possible, but you must first commit.

Embrace the Discomfort

Getting different results necessitates a change in behavior. This is why it is so important for you to step outside of your comfort zone.  As we bring brand new Proforma Owners on board through their orientation at our Success University, they learn all about this. As a matter of fact, we discuss it at the start of the first day of Orientation. By virtue of them stepping into Success University, they’ve committed to changing their outcomes. In that room, they’re literally outside of their comfort zone and I commend them for taking that leap.

But it’s easy to fall back into what’s comfortable when you return to a familiar setting. Commit today to shaking up your routine-ridden days, because comfort is the silent and deceiving destroyer of dreams.

Act with Intention and Commit Today

Dr. Robert Cialdini is perhaps the foremost authority on the science of persuasion. His landmark book, Influence, mentions commitment as one of six absolute rules of influence. Commitment is powerful – it is life-changing and can allow you to create positive habits that will allow you to surpass your greatest dreams.

Once we see ourselves as committed – invested in something – it becomes part of our identity and we will inherently protect this part of ourselves, by sticking with it and being consistent. So make the commitment and own it. An accountability partner will also significantly increase your odds of sticking to it.

I encourage you to engage your mentor, closest personal advisor or confidant to make this commitment to, and to discuss keeping you on track and consistent to step outside of your comfort zone and grow this year.

A new quarter equals a fresh start. I encourage you to commit to yourself, your business, your family and your legacy by embracing the discomfort that comes along with growth. When discomfort becomes familiar and manageable, you’re on your way!

Just remember that it all begins with your commitment.

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