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Okay Proforma Blog readers, I have another confession for you. You better sit down for this one…

I used to hate social media.

Keep in mind that I grew up with rotary phones and not smartphones. The Internet wasn’t even around when I was a kid. By the time social media came around I thought it was all a bunch of garbage.

Obviously, things have changed drastically, but back when I hated social media, I was very ‘anti-Internet.’ I didn’t want to be found on AOL. And I say AOL because back then Google wasn’t even a household name.

Back then I would never put a picture of myself on the Internet. I took pride in the fact I didn’t have an online presence. So, fast forward 15 years or so, and here I am working with social media, giving tips and tricks, helping people set up profiles and doing videos for YouTube.

Boy, have things changed for me. But while cruising the ‘People You May Know’ section on LinkedIn a while back, I noticed there are a lot of profiles with no pictures. To me, this is a huge mistake.

So I urge everyone to show himself or herself. Don’t be like me- get your profile pictures up there. Putting your picture on LinkedIn is only going to help you. Let’s put it this way: I’m not going to connect with you on LinkedIn if you don’t have a photo.

No one is going to take you seriously when you hide behind this:





I’m not giving myself a pass for trying to hide from the Internet, and I’m not going to give you one, either. Show us your happy face. Tweet at me @TheRealTomZobel and tell me your thoughts on the matter.


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