Unlock Your Social Media Travel Agent

Image courtesy of FatMandy's photostream

Have you ever wondered how the influence of social media has changed the landscape of vaction, travel, and the hospitality industry?  Wonder no more.  Thanks to mdg Advertising’s infographic below, we can sleep at ease…and travel just as well!  From finding inspiration for destinations through Facebook, pricing out your expenses, to booking and ultimately posting a vacation photo album, social media is the hot spot for travel.  And when the big day comes, you’re all packed up, and so are the kids, don’t forget to check-in on your handy mobile app.  But don’t forget your manners.  With 74% of Americans using social media on vacation, maybe you’ll consider being a bit more disconnected from the hottest articles, celebrity gossip, and neighborhood rumors.  Upon your return to your daily grind, give credit where credit is due.  Hotel reviews, flight reviews, and restuarant reviews help future travelers understand exactly what to expect – just as you did when you were researching your dream vacation!


Image courtesy of mdg Advertising

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