Wake Up a Sleepy Meeting with Quick, Energizing Games

Every Friday morning at 8:15 AM, to be exact, Proforma’s Marketing Team gets together to discuss team updates. Staying alert at 8:15 AM can be a challenge. Coffee doesn’t always kick in when you need it, eating an apple just makes you hungrier and splashing cold water on your face just makes your face wet.

Isn’t there a better way to wake up? I believe that quick, energizing games are the answer!

I’m an improvisational comedian. That just means I know how to have fun. Plus, adding a little fun into the workplace can really pay off by adding focus and productivity back into the day!

According to Fundera Ledger, “A Harvard Business Review and Energy Project study found that employees who took breaks at least every 90 minutes reported a 40% increase in creative thinking and a 28% improvement in focus.”

One Friday morning right before our meeting I decided to introduce an Improvisational comedy game called “Zoom – Zorch” to the team. The game teaches improvisers to actively listen, engage, and to respond with enthusiasm. It’s also a great technique to spark creative thinking.

Originally, I introduced the game to the team for a creative thinking technique but it took an unexpected turn. It really helped wake people up. Team members shared with me that they could really tell a difference! Overall, it promoted active participation, added enthusiasm, and allowed team members to step outside of their comfort zone – turning a dull meeting into an engaging one! The best part is that a game can be as quick as 5 to 15 minutes. So, increased engagement doesn’t have to be a huge investment.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video online to show the Zoom – Zorch game, but I did find a similar game called “Whoosh – Wham!” You can watch how the game works in the video below.

You can tell in the video that players have to think on their feet in order to keep up. They are also laughing, moving, and totally engaged! The game gets harder as they go along. The more difficult the game becomes, the more fun it becomes.

This game is great for keeping a team alert but the options are really endless. What other ways could you use an improvisational comedy game to your advantage? To list a few, it’s a fun activity to introduce as an ice-breaker at events, it can be used to promote outside-of-the-box thinking when brainstorming, it’s also a great method to use when easing anxiety before an important presentation.

Next time you have a dull meeting, try having a little fun, try an improvisational comedy game and watch your team come alive.

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