What If People Are Mean to Me?

Are you hesitant to get into the social media game because you’re afraid of negative comments? If you own a business, chances are someone out there has an ax to grind, and your Facebook page gives them a public opportunity to do so… the good news is that this can actually benefit your business!

A negative comment is a great opportunity to engage and address concerns from your customers. Everyone knows that people complain. It’s how you react to the complaints that matter. Timely and thoughtful responses to negative comments show that you are listening to your customers and you care about their problems and opinions.

Maybe you shipped a package to the wrong address and the customer let you hear about it on Twitter. Take this opportunity to share with the customer (and everyone else that is listening) the steps you are taking to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Give them free shipping on their next order and you’ll be the good guy again.

Negative comments online hurt you when you don’t address them. It is imperative that you monitor your social media pages and confront these types of issues immediately. Listen to your customer’s concerns and provide them with a professional, apologetic and gracious response.
Turn negative comments into opportunities for you to create a positive customer experience. Other people following the dialog will feel assured you will address their problems in the same manner if they ever have a problem with your business. Your response might just be what it takes to win a new customer!


  1. This is very useful information.  Just sat in on a seminar yesterday of high level executives and very few are consistanly doing this.  If you are one who is not, someone who is will most likely be stealing your business soon.

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