What it Takes to Get Your Content Noticed

You’ve just written an awesome article that is loaded with interesting information that you know will be useful to your audience. But once you post it, you hardly get any traffic to look at your work. What gives?

Just because you have great content to share, it doesn’t mean that people will give you the time of day to read it. You have to draw them in. Here are some simple things you can do during the writing process and once you post to help gain the traffic your writing deserves.

1.    Utilize the magic of lists: Lists can do some amazing things.  Whether bullet point or numbered, lists make it easier for your audience to take in the general information and pick and choose which parts they want to read more about. Use appropriate headings for each item to entice readers in. This way if they don’t read every word, they’ll still understand the gist of your article.

2.    Keep it short and sweet: Thanks to social media, the format of modern day writing has gotten increasingly shorter; your writing needs to follow suite. No one is willing to give you more than five minutes of their time to quickly breeze through an article. Simply put, make every word count.

3.    Make your content searchable: It’s doubtful that people are going to dig through pages and pages to find your content. Make your writing easily accessible by utilizing SEO (learn about SEO here). If you have your own website, include a link to your work or a preview of it on the home page. The more accessible you make your article the more likely people will see it.

4.    Share share share! What better way is there to get your writing noticed than to share it on every form of social media you’ve got? Take advantage of the tools at your fingertips; the more you get your content out there, the more likely others are to see it and share it themselves. Don’t be afraid to continue sharing for the next few weeks as well; just change the post heading to keep it fresh.

Although the hard part was getting your thoughts down on paper, what’s the point if no one ever sees it? You still need to work at getting your content out there and noticed. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to all of your hard work by using the techniques listed above and before you know it people will be coming to you in search of information.

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