When It Comes to Advertising, Personality Sells

Nobody likes plain. Face it; plain is boring. You don’t see someone ordering a pizza and when asked about toppings, say “Just keep it plain.” That means either you have a food allergy (which is ok) or you scoff at awesome (which is not ok).

If you’re watching TV and a commercial comes on that’s boring, your reaction isn’t to go out and buy the product. In fact, you’re likely never to buy that product.

If you see a commercial with real personality though, hold on tight, you might just be in for a ride.

My opinion, Mountain Dew nailed this commercial. It has personality, it’s fun, it gets the message across and it makes me feel like I should go out and buy a Kickstart. Mission accomplished. Brands with personality that push the limits have a better chance to go viral and will almost always reach their target audience.


It’s simple. They’re memorable.

Marketing that you remember and talk with others about carries more weight than traditional sales campaigns. That’s why Super Bowl commercials are so edgy and successful. They’re not plain. They push the envelope and have the audience talking about them for the entire week after they air. They’re shared through social media channels and spread by word of mouth. You no longer have to be a consumer of the product to be a brand ambassador.

Chubbies is my favorite brand of all time and I don’t even own a single item of their clothing. The videos that they put together are fun, humorous and point directly to their target audience. They bring an attitude and sense of deliberate recklessness to their marketing I’ve never seen before. They constantly push the boundaries as to what is acceptable or politically correct and remind viewers that marketing in general can be fun if you can just ‘let go’ and let your personality take over.

There’s no beating around the bush, you either get it or you don’t.

However, that’s not the only thing about Chubbies that I find appealing. Their customer service and outreach is unparalleled. Not only do they interact with their audience but they make them feel as if they are part of the Chubbies community.

If you weren’t hip to Chubbies, now you are. If you don’t get it, or find these entertaining or memorable the least bit, don’t take it personally. You’re probably not the target audience.

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