Why Promotional Apparel is Still Important

It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere! “What is it?”, you might ask? It’s promotional apparel and it’s one of the most effective ways of advertising on the planet.

If you want to create one piece of advertising that lasts long after you’ve spent your marketing budget, apparel is it. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional apparel like t-shirts and outerwear are kept an average of 14-16 months. Try and milk that out of your pay-per-click budget!

These mobile billboards also get the most impressions (# of times seen) of any promotional product category. According to that same study from the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional outerwear gets seen on average over 6,100 times over its life!

So how do you take advantage of promotional apparel and pick items that will last the test of time?

Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to creating apparel that lasts.


Long gone are the days of scratchy baggy t-shirts. Here are the days of ultra-soft form-fitting shirts like the Bella + Canvas Ladies’ The Favorite T-Shirt. Pick items so comfy that they’ll never want to take them off!


While retro is always in style, there are certain trends in the apparel industry that you’ll want to follow. Sustainably sourced items like this Men’s Zip Hoodie are popular and more affordable than ever in 2020.      


Well Designed

It’s important to design apparel carefully or it’ll never leave the closet. Work with designers that have experience in putting together tastefully designed artwork for your promotional apparel items like these Tube Promo Socks.

Wondering what kind of apparel would crush it in your market? Let’s talk about apparel and how we can create things that everyone will want in their wardrobe.

AboutMatthew Shumaker

Matthew Shumaker is the Marketing Specialist at Proforma. He brings 13 years of experience in direct response marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and product management. Matthew graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Managerial Marketing.

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