Workplace Perks to Attract Top-Notch Employees

When it comes to making a company great, it starts from the bottom up. Hiring top notch employees is key to running a successful business. And, if your employees are happy, more than likely they’ll work to make your clients happy as well. By offering a competitive workplace perks, high quality employees will come searching for you instead of the other way around. Here’s a brief list of benefits and culture aspects today’s top job seekers are actively searching for.

Flexible Time
Starting to become a staple demand among job seekers, flexible work schedules offer employees the ability to work at times that work for them. Someone that’s an early riser with a busy afternoon can come in early and work their eight hours without worrying about conflict. The same goes for someone who struggles to get out of bed in the morning or has a sick child and needs to work from home for a day. Flexible work hours allow employees to work at times they’re most productive, which is a win-win for the employee and the employer.

Guilt-Free Time off
Although many companies already offer vacation time and personal time off, some employees may feel they can’t get away for fear of falling behind or being looked down upon. Encourage guilt-free vacation time in the office by allowing employees to take time off without being expected to check email or work on projects while they’re out of the office. Providing time off your employees will actually enjoy will allow them to come back to work with a clear mind, fresh outlook and recharged energy.

Career Development and Continuing Education
Company growth starts with the individual. By investing in your employees’ education through career development courses or tuition reimbursement, you’re investing in your company’s future. Whether you’re offering to cover a set amount or certain percentage, this benefit will not go unnoticed by top employees looking to expand their skill set and improve their career outlook. Many companies that offer tuition reimbursements have strings attached including GPA requirements, or requiring the employee to work at the company for a certain number of years after the degree is obtained.

Traditional Benefits
Traditional benefits like healthcare insurance and retirement plans aren’t something new to the workplace, but they’re just as valuable as ever. According to Glassdoor, four out of five employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase. By providing health, dental and vision insurance along with a nice 401(k) matching plan, employees are less likely to feel stressed about their personal health and future plans, allowing for more focused time at work.

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