You Are a Leaky Bucket

When it comes to motivation, we are all “leaky buckets.”

We have all had the experience of hearing an awesome motivational speaker who inspires us to commit to change and get ready to take our success to the next level. However, we have also all experienced that motivation and commitment dissipate within a few weeks. Right?

The problem is that we are all “leaky buckets.” The motivation pours into our bucket, but within a short period of time it “leaks” out.

The solution is to first admit that you are a “leaky bucket” and to take some time every day to fill your “bucket.” There are many great resources available for free on YouTube. Let me encourage you to search through YouTube and find motivational videos that you know will help you, and then set aside a few minutes each day to watch and listen to those videos.

You can also find some great audiobook and podcast resources to more productively use your time when you are driving, walking or on the treadmill.

If you want to stay motivated, here’s an easy and powerful four-step process:

  1. Admit you are a “leaky bucket”
  2. Identify video and audio resources
  3. Commit a few minutes each day to listening to these resources
  4. Repeat tomorrow

You can accomplish great things in your life and your business if you stay motivated. Remember, nothing works unless you do!

AboutGreg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma

Greg Muzzillo started Proforma as an industry distributor in 1978. The company grew quickly and in the early 1980s Proforma was recognized for three consecutive years on Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in North America. In the late 1980’s Proforma introduced its membership program to enable distributors to retain their business ownership and independence, and to share in sales and marketing resources, purchasing power with industry suppliers, one back office including all billing, accounting, vendor payments, cash flow, computer systems and more. Today Proforma has more than 750 members with over $500 million in sales. Proforma has over 100 members in its Million Dollar Club and more than 40 members in its Multi-Million Dollar Club (With sales ranging from $2 million to over $26 million). In 2014, eight Proforma members were named to Inc. magazine’s Inc. 5000 List of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.

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