Your Body Language Says More Than You Think

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Your body language says more than you think. If you’ve ever wondered how you are perceived by acquaintances, coworkers, or your customers, you aren’t alone, and rightfully so. Think about how you walk, the way you sit, if you’re comfortable making eye contact, and how you shake hands. Does your walking style display confidence or does it make you look lazy? How about the way you shake hands – do you go in for a firm hand shake or do you do the fingertip shake? A nice solid hand shake says a lot about your personality. The fingertip shake doesn’t exude confidence. It’s passive. Make a point to give firm, confident handshakes when meeting new folks. The image to the left is a great example of a quality handshake. And how about eye contact. That’s a tricky one to deal with when in a business meeting, or casually talking to your neighbor. How much is too much? If making eye contact makes you uncomfortable you may want to develop a strategy so things don’t get awkward.

Take a moment to read through this infographic. At the very least it’s a great starting point for you to gain some self-awareness. Enjoy!

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