Your Winning Combination

Your business success isn’t a game. It is a well-planned strategy. Sound marketing strategies include promotional products because 8 of 10 consumers like receiving them, and 7 in 10 wish they received more. Work with our print and promo experts to help you plan your winning combination.

The world of promotional products has endless choices. The internet is full of sites that offer everything from imprinted pens to custom automobiles. Each one says it’s better than the last. When you find one site that seems to have it all, the number of options is staggering.

  • Will the blue hat from supplier A match the blue duffel from supplier B?
  • Do shirts from supplier C run small?
  • Will the color fade the first time my customer wears it, leaving my brand image all washed up?

Here are tips that will help you win your next promotion:

Don’t Move Too Far Too Fast
Make decisions too quickly, between too many choices, or don’t spend time calculating the risk and you make mistakes. Costly mistakes.

Our team of experts live and breathe promotional products. We spend countless hours researching suppliers, new products, and industry trends. We know the hot new products. We know which suppliers have appropriate quality for your programs. We know who will deliver on a tight timeline. Use our experience to keep your pieces moving strongly across the board.

Stick with the Basics
In other words, don’t play a game you don’t understand. Even when you find the perfect promotional product, the rules of how to play the game are different for each supplier. Artwork, proofs, samples, shipping lead times, bulk delivery locations, kitting and fulfilment for your program – things that may not be your strength and more importantly don’t have the time to become good at.

You need a trusted source who can help you take the chance out of these details. Our team knows what suppliers need to get your project done right. Their terminology and requirements are our basic skills. We can be your product and brand experts with outside-the-box solutions.

Bluff Less
You know your company, your products, your strategy. You can’t know everything, and professional gamers will tell you that bluffs work far less in real life than they do in the movies.

We have a reliable supplier network you can count on. We deliver on time and can help ensure regulatory compliance. In the rare event something doesn’t come as expected, we along with our supplier network, work tirelessly to ensure that we make it right.

You can set up your promotional program quickly, or you can let our promotional consultants help you play your cards right. We take the guess work out of planning. With us at your side, you don’t have to bluff your way through.

Take the Odds
Our industry tenure and knowledge goes beyond choosing products, it brings experience that impacts our decisions. We know how consumers react and how to put the odds in your favor.

Our print and promo experts know that research by Baylor University compared the response rate of direct mail combined with different stimuli. The base response for their sales letter alone was 1.9%, typical of broad audience direct mail response rates. When the mailing included a 3-D advertising specialty, the response more than doubled to 3.3%.

Want more? Letters that offered an incentive to respond, a premium advertising specialty item, increased responses to 7.3% – more than 375% of the business letter alone. Now you not only have a qualified lead, you have a customer that has asked you to start a business dialogue, all through the impact of advertising promotions. Remove the random from advertising. Let us put the odds to work for you.

Place Just One Bet – With our team, you only need one bet. Because our team can do it all. We can support you with campaign development, imprinted advertising specialty items, custom printing, packaging and fulfilment, and technology solutions. No other resource can offer as much. We are your single source provider, and sure bet.

You don’t have to take the risk, but you can still get the rewards. You are the expert in your brand and we are the experts in print and promo, together we are your winning combination.

To start planning your upcoming promotions early, reach out to your Proforma Professional today.


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Matthew Shumaker is the Marketing Specialist at Proforma. He brings 13 years of experience in direct response marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and product management. Matthew graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Managerial Marketing.

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