Your Workspace: A Home Away From Home

While working at my first internship in college, my manager reminded me—well, insisted—that I bring photos and personal items to work to decorate my desk.  The cubicles surrounding me were decorated with small plants, photographs, candy bowls and newspaper clippings and, although I would only be staying for three months, my manager wanted me to feel at home at my very first desk job.

Here are some great ways that you can create a workspace that is comfortable, unique, and a home away from home:

• Add a lamp – Many of us, including myself, have lights underneath the overhead cabinet of our cubicles. Sometimes these lights are too harsh or don’t illuminate your desk to your liking. Instead, find a small and fun lamp to add to your desk:  It will instantly amp up the coziness level in your cubicle! Lamps such as this one from Crate & Barrel instantly add color and creativity.
• Add Some Life – Not all of us are lucky enough to have those coveted window-facing desks, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a small plant to your work area. Desk-friendly plants include spider plants, jade plants, peace lilies and philodendrons. This article can help you find the perfect plant for your desk. If you enjoy funky handcrafted items like I do, this Marimo Moss Ball is not only unique looking but also really easy to take care of.
• Make Your Photos Stand Out – Even if you have photos at your desk already, there are certainly ways to spruce them up. If you are an Instagram fan like I am, you can take those photos and turn them into really great prints through Prinstagram. Product offerings include high quality square prints, stickers and posters. There are also many places to find unique, affordable frames such as this one.
• De-Clutter and Clean –Just like anywhere else, your desk is likely to accumulate dust, germs and crumbs from that bagel you have at your desk every morning. Set aside time at least once a week to get rid of any clutter that you don’t need and to clean your desk area. Research found that the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat, so keep some disinfecting wipes handy!
• Rearrange Your Work Area – Rearranging furniture and equipment can be the best way to make a desk that you’ve been at for a while feel new again. Move your computer, phone and supplies to new locations at your desk to switch it up a bit. If you’re unable to move larger items, finding new ways to organize or display your small equipment is also a great idea.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to make your workspace more comfortable as much as they have inspired me. Happy decorating!

Image courtesy of Google’s Offices

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