You’re a Salesperson, I’m a Salesperson

Image courtesy of Nanagyel's photostream

Image courtesy of Nanagyel’s photostream

When people I meet at tradeshows or other similar events tell me they are in sales, my response is usually one of wonder and awe. I tend to say something along the lines of, “I could never be in sales. That’s such a difficult job and I don’t think I could ever handle it. I give you a lot of credit for doing that job, and doing it well.”

And while part of that is still true – I don’t think I could be a door-to-door salesperson, or even one that cold calls people on a daily basis – I’ve come to realize that each and every person, in a way, is a salesperson. We are all responsible for selling ourselves – our personal brand. If we don’t sell who we are to employers or to clients, it makes it much more difficult to succeed and move forward in our professional lives.

In order to successfully ‘sell’ yourself in the future to prospects, customers and employers, have the following knowledge at your fingertips to help with earning the desired close:

– Know what makes you (or your products) marketable. What helps you stand out from the rest of the people – or products – in the marketplace? Why should they choose you and your brand over anyone else?

– Know your strengths and emphasize them. What is your best skill? When other people think of you, what type of person comes to mind? Be honest – stress your positive attributes and everything you can accomplish because of them.

– Know how to overcome objections. People will have reasons for not buying from you, just as they will have reasons for being hesitant to hire you. Show them why they need to have your solutions in the office, or you on their team.

– Know how and why you will succeed. Have a strong answer prepared to answer the question, ‘Why should I hire you over everyone else?’ or ‘Why should I use your service/product rather than other distributors?’

Along with having the answers to these questions, it’s important to have the confidence in them. Good salespeople are successful because they are confident, and their clients grow to know, like and trust them. Whether you are selling a product, or trying to sell someone on hiring you as an employee, help him or her believe your abilities are the best available and that you are the best choice to make. Whether you set out to be or not, you are a salesperson – and you need to put yourself in the best position to sell yourself.

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