How to Get Started Using YouTube and Facebook to Host and Embed Video

Nothing’s more eco-friendly than the internet, and not only are videos an easy way to get your message across, it also saves paper!  So how do you get started hosting/embedding videos?  Allow me to explain:

To host/embed videos on YouTube, you’ll need a YouTube channel.  These come free of charge with a Gmail account (also free) so you’ll need to first setup a Gmail account.  To host/embed on Facebook, all you will need is – you guessed it – a Facebook account.

Step-by-step instructions to get you started on YouTube!

1.    Create a Gmail account

2.    Start your YouTube channel

a.    Log into your Gmail account

b.    Click YouTube in the top Nav (from Google) or go to

c.    Click Sign In in the top corner

d.    You now have a YouTube channel!  You will know it is setup once you see your Gmail account (or Google+ name) in the top right corner

3.    Uploading your videos

a.    Click Upload (next to the search bar)

b.    You may need to finalize your YouTube channel during this step

i.    Note that you can disconnect your Google+ account from your YouTube channel

c.    You can now get to the upload screen and select videos to upload

d.    Be sure to keep ‘enable embedding’ clicked

i.    It will be clicked by default

4.    Getting the Embed code

a.    Go to your YouTube video

b.    Underneath the video click ‘Share’ then ‘Embed’

c.    You can now copy the embed code to use for adding your video!

d.    You can also change your video size underneath the embed code

e.    If you leave ‘Show suggested videos unchecked’, you will not have any related videos pop up when the video finishes

Step-by-step instructions to get you started on Facebook:

1.    Go to your home page (click home)

2.    Click Add Photos/Video

a.    Select the video to upload – Facebook will let you know once it is done uploading/processing

b.    From your video page (the link to the example in my video is click ‘embed video’ to get your embed code

Hopefully this will help get you started hosting and embedding your videos.  Be sure to check out the video for more detail and a more visual experience on how to set up your accounts.  Special thanks to Proforma Owner Jim Young, of Proforma Multi-media Marketing, for allowing me to use his likeness in this video. Happy Uploading!

Until Next time,

Tom Zobel

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